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CameraMeeting allows you to see the person you are speaking to, in real-time, during your telephone conversation.
Our service adds a visual medium to your conference call without any additional technical limitations.

All you need is a webcam and a telephone set.
Our choice of technology means that it is no longer necessary to change your own network settings and firewall or the other personís firewall.

Why is the sound not available with this service ? It would indeed be possible to add the sound but this would overload your internet line and may disturb your work colleagues.

Online Web Cam   Only one of the 2 conference participants (or both) requires a webcam.

You need a webcam to be seen by the person you are talking to.

We recommend the model below for optimum image quality:
The Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 USB webcam is easy to set up and can be purchased online on (around Ä73 excl. taxes).

If, at the top of this page, you see photographs streaming between two webcams, it means that you can now start using our FREE CameraMeeting service.

Otherwise simply download the plug-in (?) from Macromediaís web site. This takes less than a minute and has no impact on your security settings. Then close all your applications using your webcam, as well as your internet browser, restart and return to the CameraMeeting web site on

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